Politics 3 - Politics 3 List of actors in foreign policy...

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Politics 3 List of actors in foreign policy Secretary of State and department- always involved in foreign policy President Senate House New Actors Secretary of Defense and department Traditional rivalry between defense and state department White House Staff- Counsels to president, Intelligence Community- CIA- Coordinate Intelligence Activity- have information, which is power in politics Private Persons- citizens acting on their own accord Foreign Policy- Diplomacy- Continuum from Formal to informal Formal- Treaty, becomes law of US Executive-Agreement, gentlemen’s agreement between president and other leader, can affect law and does not require congressional approval Indirect Diplomacy- Things that countries do to each other, no goal in mind, but an attempt to establish mood or atmosphere between countries -Cultural and Sports Exchanges State Visit- President is Chief of State, when he is given to another country and comes back alive, relations are improved, Foreign Aid- Gift, in return we do expect community to like us, indirect diplomacy Gifts come in economic and military Hoover doctrine Currently National Security Advisor- Steve Hadley War- Form of Diplomacy, although obsolete Used to be standard tool, but now there is no such thing. War is no longer declared, and it is against UN policy. Chain Reaction Unstable radioactive elements like Uranium 235, then it can start to tear through atoms. If you put a bunch of these U235 atoms together, then you have critical mass, which increases in radioactivity exponentially. 26,000 tons of dynamite in erbs This is outdated Fission bomb Now we use fusion bomb. Every hydrogen bomb needs an atomic bomb to start it. Japan bombs explode in air so ground doesn’t absorb as much. Number one problem with victims will be disease from all the dead bodies MAD
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Mutual Assured Destruction Theory of Nuclear Hostage- US City being evacuated NUTS Nuclear Utilization and Tactical Situations 6-3= 3 armies left Russia- 60 army divisions UN- replay of the League of nations, created by Woodrow Wilson Owes nothing to League of nations, made by US, China, France, England, Russia Not a world government, but set up like a government. Structure- UN has 6 branches or organs 1- General Assembly- (Similar to Legislative Branch)- No power, just a debating society, only real job is to choose members of other branches 2- Security Council (15 members- 10 temporary, 5 permanent)- real power in UN 3- Economic and Social Council- (85 members)- Supervise agencies of UN, UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO UN maintaining treaties is the real glory, not world peace, but technical programs 4- Trusteeship- would not declare war or hold colonies. Become trust territories, trustee councils supervise it, council consists of countries maintaining trust territories, and equal countries not having trustee territories. New Job- administer UN territory, such as Antarctica, used by everyone, claimed by no one, as well as the moon and other celestial bodies 5- Secretariat- Secretary Generals (Executive) (Ban Ki Moon, Kofi Annin,
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Politics 3 - Politics 3 List of actors in foreign policy...

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