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Second Test Notes - Second Test Notes*REORGANIZE ME...

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Second Test Notes ****REORGANIZE ME!!!!**** NATIONALITY Citizen – state Two way relationship, going both ways Subject – state State does not owe anything to subject Dennizen State owes everything to dennizen, but the dennizen does not owe state anything Alien Any national who is outside of their home country Stateless person People who have no country Nobody cares about them or wants them Almost impossible to loose all nationality Comity- the golden rule; do unto others as they would do unto you Ways to get nationality Birth Jus soli (law of the soil) You have a right to nationality in the country in which you were born Jus sanguini (law of the blood) You have the right to citizenship in the country you’re parents have citizenship in United States will not recognize multiple citizenships; People get a way with it, even though it is not legal Naturalization Individual Statutory law Special act of congress Group Infamous Quota system Different countries had quotas of how many citizens from that country could immigrate to the US Does not exist today Applications are judged on need, need of the United States
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You can loose your citizenship through EXPATRIATION Several ways you might loose your citizenship Implied renunciation Forfeiture (marriage) What do you get for your citizenship? MAKE A LIST OF HUMAN RIGHTS Human Rights Our class’s suggestions Life, security, conscience, expression, education, property, movement, food, shelter, water, sex, association, health What’s the responsibility of the government in regards to human rights?
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Second Test Notes - Second Test Notes*REORGANIZE ME...

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