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Class 8 The way of the Gentleman 1. Jen – Human heartedness 2. Chun Tzu – Noble Bearing 3. Te – Moral Charisma 4. Wen – Arts of Peace 5. Li - Propriety Analysis of Confucian Texts: -Confucius’ “social project” is to reform society through virtue. (Spread like “ripples in a pond.” Analysis of Li – Propriety -Virtue of the Intellect -Knowing what is appropriate in any given situation. (a) Doctrine of the Mean – taking the middle road between two extremes (excess vs deficiency) (b) The Five Constant relationships
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Unformatted text preview: 1. (loving) Parent-Child (Reverential) 2. (Good) Husband-Wife (Listening) 3. (Gentle) Elder-Sibling (Respectful) 4. (Considerate) Elder-Friend (Deferential) 5. (Benevolent) Ruler-Subject (Loyal, obedient)-To be harmonious in these relationships, one must posses the role-related virtue. (c) The Place of the family a. Confucius said the family is the most important institution in society. (d) Respect for Age (e) Puts Ritual on a pedestal...
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