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Class 6 -Taoist “Happy Life” 1. Life of serenity 2. Tranquility 3. Peace, Harmony Philosophical Taoism : Concentrate upon learning how to live in a way that conserves all of one’s power by living as much as possible without friction with the natural order. It rests upon the idea that there is an order in the universe, and a balance to life, and that these are based in the Tao that fuels and orders all things. If we can learn to live attuned to that balance and order – live in attunement to the Tao- we will live a life of great harmony, peace, tranquility, and fulfillment. The good life is not found through excessive rational control – rather it is found by
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Unformatted text preview: dropping into pure intuition.-Object of (philosophical) Taoism: a tranquil life through alignment with the Tao.-Way to achieve it: Wei Wu Wie (action through non-action): intuitive atonement with the Tao, developed over years.-Chief Virtues: patience, acceptance of fate, humility, attunement with nature, simplicity, peacefulness.-Chief Vices: self-aggrandizement; egoism; conflict; aggression; ambition; pomp; material wealth; thirst for fame. Attack/Defense exercise:-Interesting point – “How do we fight injustice?”-Tao subjects morality, must accept good with bad. Can Taoism sustain itself is there is no Tao?...
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