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Unformatted text preview: are not covered in this question set. Anything we discuss is class is fair game on exams! It is very important that you understand the concepts and are able to apply them to unique situations. A mere memorization will not be helpful. 1. Describe the functions of the excretory system. 2. State the pathway of wastes through the human excretory system. Describe the structures involved. Indicate the difference between males and females. 3. Describe the anatomy of the kidney? 4. Why is renal circulation necessary? 5. Indicate the steps involved at the nephron level of urine formation. Name each region of the nephron and what occurs at that place. Be familiar with the diagram. Biology 1115, Class Outlines and Study Guide 97 6. What are the nitrogenous (metabolic) waste products found in urine and how are they formed? 7. What are the other components of urine? 8. What are the basic properties of normal urine? 9. Explain how ANP works including its trigger and the end result of its action....
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