The given number is divided by its percent value the

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Unformatted text preview: here are three main problems by percents: Problem 1. Find an indicated percent of a given number. The given number is multiplied by the indicated number of percents; then a product is divided by 100. Example. A deposit in a bank has an annual increase 6%. A sum of money in the beginning was equal to $10000. How many dollars will the sum be increased by in the end of the year? S o l u t i o n : $10000 · 6 / 100 = $600. Problem 2. Example. Find a number by another given number and its percent value of the unknown number. The given number is divided by its percent value; the result is multiplied by 100. A salary by January was equal to $15000, that was equal 7.5% of an annual salary. What was the annual salary ? S o l u t i o n: $15000 / 7.5 · 100 = $200000. Problem 3. Example. Find the percent expression of one number by another. The first number is divided by the second, and a result is multiplied by 100. On 2001 a plant have produced 40000 cars; and on 2002 - only 36000 cars. What percent Math I - 15 - Feel free to pass this on to your friends, but please don’t post it online. Discuss UPCAT and other college entrance exam questions and answers at Academic-Clinic’s Facebook Page. We encourage you to answer the questions we post there and actively participate in the discussions on our wall. For UPCAT, ACET, DLSUCET and USTET tips, tricks, news and other college entrance exam information, visit the Academic-Clinic website. Tell your friends and classmates to come find and join us. The more, the merrier. Good luck! AcademicAcademic The achiever’s guide to academic life and beyond… W ebsite: Facebook: Twitter: College entrance exam and science high school entrance test tips. Conquer UPCAT, ACET, USTET, DLSUCET, PSHS-NCE, and other entrance tests. does it constitute relatively to the output of 2001 ? S o l u t i o n: 36000 / 40000 · 100 = 90%. Ratio and proportion. Proportionality Ratio is a quotient of dividing...
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