Education- Movie Critique- Freedom Writers

Education- Movie Critique- Freedom Writers - Katie...

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Katie Comerford Education 101 11/29/2007 Freedom Writers 2007 Long Beach is having a huge gang problem; the movie opens with a young girl (Ava) whose father is taken because of gang violence and witnesses shootings from age 10. A young enthusiastic teacher is shown showing the principal her lesson plans looking for approval but most of the kids she will teach are not at the level in which she planned for. Her positive outlook is almost making her naïve; she is not prepared for what she is getting herself into. On the first day the kids walk in, move the desks around and treat her with no respect, clearly this class is out of her control. She tries to appeal to the kids for example, by incorporating Tupac into the lessons to explain about poetry but they continue to disrespect her. She tries moving the seats around in the classroom in order to mix the races and cultures and hopefully end the violence and fighting. This doesn’t work, and soon enough less and less people start showing up for class, it seems everything she tries to do for them doesn’t work. One day she discovers a racial drawing and has a huge speech about Hitler and what he did, comparing it to the present. This lesson finally breaks some grounds with the class, at first it causes outrage then they finally start sharing their feelings about racial discrimination, Ava shares her deep hatred for whites and throws the teacher back for a second. But this is the first time they truly showed feelings and strength for stuff they
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Education- Movie Critique- Freedom Writers - Katie...

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