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Psychology- Podcast Number 3 - To prove memory in rats they...

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Katie Comerford Psychology Professor Tuma 11/27/2007 Podcast Number 3 Memory The brain is like a biological file cabinet. Later when you want to go back to it its like pulling up a file and boom there it is, just as you left it. If you ask scientists about this analogy they would say it was wrong. It’s not an inert stack of 0’s and 1’s. We’re reconstructing those memories, what feels like a reconstruction is a process. What is a memory? A physical trace left in your brain, made mostly out of proteins. Proved by this drug, that when given to gold fish for example will forget anything that they just learned because the drug breaks up the building of new proteins.
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Unformatted text preview: To prove memory in rats they played a sound and then zapped them with a small electric current. Using associative memory the rats started to react when they heard the sound preparing for a zap. The safest memory, the memory that is unattainable as paradoxal as it seems is the memory inside an amnesia patient. I found the Podcast about memory very interesting and learned many things that I had not known before. The experiments that scientists have come up with to prove certain theories with the brain and memory were very interesting and intuitive....
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