Absolutely no exceptions will be made note for both

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Unformatted text preview: hey are enrolled in. Absolutely no exceptions will be made! Note: For both midterms and the final you will need your student I.D. One 4” x 6” sheet of notes, in your own handwriting, written on both sides, will be allowed during exams. Calculators (all kinds) are allowed on exams. 2 Lab: This course has a required lab. Please make sure that you are enrolled and attending a proper lab section. If you are repeating the course and have already completed some or all of the labs, you should contact Elaine Dolalas, Student Affairs Officer (1-707D PAB), at (310) 206-1...
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This note was uploaded on 07/22/2013 for the course PHYSICS 6B 6B taught by Professor Arisaka during the Fall '11 term at UCLA.

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