work and the quality of life

work and the quality of life - there are a few problems...

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March 31, 2008 Sociology 223 Work and the Quality of Life Ironically, both working and not working can have adverse effects on  people's health. Work can have a negative impact on the emotional and physical  well-being of workers through feelings of alienation and high levels of job  dissatisfaction. The stress of being forcibly unemployed can be as serious as the  stress of working in undesirable conditions or in an unfulfilling job; it is  detrimental to both physical and emotional well-being. Work-related stress can  also adversely affect interpersonal relationships.  In a survey of 1,300 workers, 40 percent said their job was stressful,  resulting in anxiety, anger, fatigue, or exhaustion.  Over 71,000 people die every  year from cancer and cardiovascular disease which has been induced by work  conditions.  Although Americans generally like their job, most of them admit that 
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Unformatted text preview: there are a few problems that make them feel stress. The stress of being forcibly unemployed can be as serious as someone with an undesirable job. For most people, unemployment is a very traumatic experience. Unemployment is detrimental to both physical and emotional well-being. It can lead to depression, lowered self esteem, anger and resentment, social isolation, serious mental illness, suicide, alcohol abuse, or criminal behavior. Interpersonal relationships are also affected by the stress of unemployment. Work in stressful conditions may lead to marital tension or even divorce. Shift work creates both personal stress and interpersonal problems. It may lead to being less satisfied with their marriage. The stress of work or unemployment carries over into the person’s interpersonal relationships, which then also have a problem....
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work and the quality of life - there are a few problems...

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