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Nonpolar solutes that are soluble in oil will have a

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Unformatted text preview: oil phase relative to its concentration in the water phase K = Concentration in olive oil Concentration in water The PARTITION COEFFICIENT (K) describes the solubility of a solute in oil relative to its solubility in water • The greater the relative solubility in oil the higher the partition coefficient, the more easily the solute can dissolve in the plasma membrane’s lipid bilayer APPLICATION: 1. Nonpolar solutes that are soluble in oil will have a. ↑K b. ↓K 2. Polar solutes that are insoluble in oil will have a. ↑K b. ↓K Student Academic Resource Center Tutor: Sarah PCB3703 Human Physiology SPRING 2013 MEMBRANE TRANSPORT WORKSHEET ONE 3. DIFFUSION COEFFICIENT (D) D = __K T___...
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