Diffusion of the solute flux or flow depends on the

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Unformatted text preview: _________________ J =  ­ P A (C1 – C2) P = _________________ A = _________________ C1 = _________________ C2 = _________________ Student Academic Resource Center Tutor: Sarah PCB3703 Human Physiology SPRING 2013 MEMBRANE TRANSPORT WORKSHEET ONE • The net diffusion of the solute (FLUX OR FLOW) depends on the following variables: 1. Size of the concentration gradient 2. Partition coefficient 3. Diffusion coefficient 4. Thickness of the membrane 5. Surface area for diffusion 1. CONCENTRATION GRADIENT (C1 – C2) The CONCENTRATION GRADIENT (C1 – C2) across the membrane is the driving force for net diffusion • The larger the difference in solute concentration between two solutions, the greater the driving force, the greater the net diffusion 2. PARTITION COEFFICIENT (K) The PARTITION COEFFICIENT (K) can be measured by adding the solute to a mixture of olive oil and water and then measuring its concentration in the...
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