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Berlin Airlift - History 126 The West and the World...

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December 10, 2007 History 126: The West and the World Research Paper: The Berlin Airlift After World War II, many countries stood in fear as the Cold War emerged. The United States and the Soviet Union began the foot race of building a bigger army, gaining 1
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more allies, advancing in technology and much more. One event from the cold war was very significant to whether another World War would occur, it is known as the Berlin Airlift. Berlin is the capital of Germany, and when Germany was divided there was uproar of the decision. Since Germany lost World War II, they were forced to give up many things, including their government and their power. Germany was divided into many sections so that there would be no fighting over the land between the Allies and the Soviet Union. Germany divided into West Germany which was under Allied control, and East Germany which was under Soviet Union control. Since West Germany was under Allied control, they were able to have a constitution of self government. East Germany was made into a communist state. The capital of Germany, Berlin, was also divided by the Allies and the Soviet Union. Its location is in East Germany. Germany at the time was very poor after World War II. They had had many war debts and loans to repay. Most German families could not afford much after the war. Many Germans lost their jobs and lost chances of financial improvement. Any type of group to come into Germany and promise a better lifestyle was always welcomed. Even communism to the Germans looked very appeasing at the time. This made the world grow in fear due to the chance that communism would spread even further and gain more power.
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