Study Guide Quiz 1 {Spring 2008}

Study Guide Quiz 1 {Spring 2008} - Chemistry 0110 Spring...

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Chemistry 0110, Spring Term 2008 Study Outline for the first 25-min Quiz Study Skills : Things you should do to prepare for the quiz: review notes and chapters; go through the examples and concept checks; work the exercise questions; make use of the checklists at the end of each chapter to test your knowledge; read the chapter summaries – review anything you find in the chapter summary that seems unclear to you; review the list of operational skills - make sure you can do the tasks listed: work problems – do not limit yourself to the homework problems; make sure you are confident with the General Problems and, time permitting, the Cumulative Skills Problems. Good Study Habits : While chemistry is not actually such a difficult subject, it does take time and practice. There’s a lot to know and learn. Get organized: make a daily schedule from now until exam time – find specific time blocks to dedicate to chemistry. Don’t study in front of a TV or where you will be interrupted by friends or roommates – there are plenty of desks in the Hillman Library and the Chemistry Library in Eberly Hall; the main level of the Cathedral is also a popular place to study since it is relatively quiet. Find other students in the course to form study groups: studies have demonstrated that study groups are highly effective active learning tools. Get Help if/when You Need It:
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Study Guide Quiz 1 {Spring 2008} - Chemistry 0110 Spring...

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