Study Guide Exam 1 {Spring 2008}

Study Guide Exam 1 {Spring 2008} - Chemistry 0110 Spring...

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Chemistry 0110, Spring Term 2008 Study Outline for Exam 1 Study Outline: Exam 1 covers Chapters 1-4. There will be ~10 multiple choice questions and ~5 problems. The Exam will be more in depth than the first Quiz. The exam will last for the whole class period, 50 min. Some of the multiple choice questions will test your knowledge of basic facts. Others will require numerical work and problem solving, e.g finding the number of moles produced in a reaction, titration calculations, etc. Practice these types of calculations (make sure the units cancel properly, check your significant figures, do the calculations more than once, etc…). Correct answers to numerical problems have the correct number of significant figures and correct units. What you need for the exam: an electronic calculator (no laptops, palm pilots, cell phones, etc.) and a couple pencils and a good eraser just in case. What you will be given: A periodic table and, for the exam, a copy of the solubility rules in Table 4.1. Things you are expected to know from memory: The periodic table provided with the exam will be monochrome: it will not be color-coded to show metals, nonmetals, and metalloids – you are supposed to know which is which. The names and symbols of the first 36 elements (you do not need to memorize atomic numbers or atomic weights – this information will be on the periodic table). The SI units (Table 1.2) and prefixes (Table 1.3, highlighted prefixes only). The charges on common ions – Table 2.4, Table 2.5, Table 2.6. (although, for the main group elements, you can figure this out from the periodic table). The names of the common polyatomic ions – Table 2.6: you need to know the formula and the
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Study Guide Exam 1 {Spring 2008} - Chemistry 0110 Spring...

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