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6980 ii the arrow against the real being in ii

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Unformatted text preview: motion) 70/80 -. Imagine an arrow in flight 71/80 -. At a given moment it is either where it -. is or where it isn’t is -. If it is where it is it cannot be moving, -. since if it were moving it could not be in the space it is the 72/80 - But it cannot be where it isn’t because But it isn’t there it 73/80 -. Therefore, at any particular moment, -. the arrow is not moving the 74/80 -. Reality has no motion (space or time) 75/80 iii. Against motion iii. - Achilles gives a tortoise a head start in the race the 76/80 -. Achilles starts when the tortoise has -. reached point 1 reached -. By the time Achilles reaches point 1, -. the tortoise has moved on to point 2 the 77/80 -. When Achilles reaches point 2, the -. tortoise has moved on to point 3,…4… tortoise 5.. - Achilles will get closer and closer to Achilles the tortoise but will never catch him the 78/80 iv. Against the idea of parts (similar to iv. the line) the - A unitary part by definition is that unitary which cannot be divided which - All things can supposedly be divided All into unitary parts into - But these divisions can always be But divided further divided 79/80 - Therefore, there is no such thing as Therefore, unitary parts unitary (The atomists are going to respond to (The this by suggesting that there is something that cannot be further divided) that 80/80...
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