premises iii all we can really know are the world

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Unformatted text preview: ideas (Analyze this argument) of 54/80 iv. Being can never change (Not quite iv. the conservation of matter and energy). the -. Everything that exists, exists now -. If something does not exist, then it -. would have to have come from somewhere. somewhere. 55/80 -. But if it comes from somewhere, then -. it existed there it -. But it doesn’t exist, so it can’t exist -. there there -. Therefore, generation is not possible -. (Analyze this argument) (Analyze 56/80 -. And if it no longer exists, then it must -. go into nothing go -. But if it goes into nothing, then it -. exists in nothing exists -. But nothing can exist in nothing (by -. definition) definition) 57/80 -. So it cannot go into nothing -. Therefore, what exists now cannot be -. destroyed (Analyze this argument) destroyed 58/80 -. If what exists now was never -. generated or destroyed, then what exists now has never and can never change (since change requires either generation or destruction) or -. Therefore, what seems to change in -. this world is merely an illusion. So any claim to know anything about this world is merely an illusion (Analyze this argument) argument) 59/80 v. Anything that we think of must exist -. We cannot dream up objects that don't -. have a basis in reality (For instance, a dragon or unicorn may not exist, but their individual parts are from things in nature.) nature.) 60/80 - But we can dream up of objects - So the thoughts we have must be about So something real something 61/80 - So thinking and that thought that it So exists are the same thing (This will come back 1700 years later in St Anselm’s Ontological argument for God’s existence - If there is reason to believe that the thought is real, then the object must be real) must 62/80 vi. What is reality (that we are thinking vi. of) of) - The whole of reality is immovable: If The it moved, it would have to move into empty space. But empty space is nothing. There is no such thing as nothing. So there is no such thing as empty space. Therefore, there is no...
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