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Adam Ghitelman COMM 180 Problem Set 4 Due: September 18, 2007 What is small? The text defines small business as an enterprise that “is independently owned and operated; is not dominant in its field of operation; and meets certain standards in terms of employees or annual receipts.” Those “certain standards” are set by the Small Business Administration Office of Size Standards. In some industries, a “small” business must have fewer than 500 employees. In others, the limit is a dollar revenue figure, such as $6.5 million. Go to the SBA Web site ( ) and navigate to the “Size Standards” page. The size standards are listed by the NAICS U.S. industry title and code (for example, under subsection “113, Forestry and Logging,” you will see a listing for “113210 Forest Nurseries.”) You can find the specific code for an industry at the Web site for the U.S. Census. Go to the Bureau of the Census Web Site,
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Unformatted text preview: , and use the NAICS Search box in the upper left hand corner. (Sometimes the web address for a location changes. You might need to search to find the exact location mentioned.) Alternatively, you can use the find tool on the SBA Size Standards page to find the desired industry. Use the table on the SBA Web site to find the size limitations for the following industries: (In Millions of Dollars) 1. scheduled passenger air transport $1.5 Billion 2. Internet service providers $23.0 Million 3. credit unions $5.165 Billion 4. breakfast cereal manufacturing $1 Billion 5. cheese manufacturing $500 Million 6. florists $6.5 Million 7. aircraft manufacturing 1500 Employees 8. motorcycle and bicycle manufacturing 500 Employees 9. cellular and wireless telecommunications 1500 Employees stations $6.5 Million Problem Set 4 - Assignment...
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