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Unformatted text preview: e take 100 moles of the gas as a basis then there are 92.57moles of air and 7.43 moles of carbon tetrachloride. Removing 99% of the CCl4 means the gas composition would be 92.57 moles air and 0.0743 moles CCl4, Thus the mole fraction of CCl4 would be 0.0743 92.57 0.0743 0.000802 The partial pressure of CCl4 would also equal the vapor pressure since liquid CCl4 would be present (saturation) so the vapor pressure of CCl4 would be 0.000802 760 0.609 Now use the Antoine Equation again to find the temperature at which the vapor pressure of CCl4 is 6.050 mm Hg. log 0.6090 0.215 55.5 6.87926 1212.021 226.409 4) (70 pts) You have a liquid mixture of 30 moles of benzene and 70 moles of toluene contained in a vessel initially at 25°C and 1 atm (absolute). You heat the vessel until a liquid-vapor mixture is observed in the vessel, which remains at 1 atm (absolute). A sample of the vapor shows that its composition is 42 mole% benzene and 58 mole% toluene. What is the composition of the liquid under these conditions? What is the temperature of the ve...
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