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Unformatted text preview: ould carry out to approximate to get an answer close to a. Daily Review / Test Prep Dec 14­11:08 AM 1 Unit3.chapter 7. day2.notebook December 16, 2011 Homework Checkpoint HW Check Initial Activity/Mini­Lesson Initial Activity / Mini Lesson 2 Unit3.chapter 7. day2.notebook December 16, 2011 Active Engagement (Guided Exploration ­ quick try it) A box contains ten $ 1 bills, five $2 bills, three $ 5 bills, one $10 bill and one $100 bill. On average how much can I expect to win? Okay so what should we do then.. Formula for mean of a Random variable: we use mu x Variance: The standard deviation is the square­root of the Variance If I charge $20 to pay this game is it fair? Explain why or why not. Guided Exploration Dec 13­11:11 AM 3...
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