Waiting for God Notes

Essay 2 the love of god and affliction we all have

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Unformatted text preview: tion to something teaches you how to pray. Essay 2: the love of God and affliction -we all have some kind of spiritual core—however, this spiritual core can be damaged by conditions of experience -the sweetest girl song—cash rules everything it’s hard to identify with others Essay 3:Forms of the implicit love of God ~Love of neighbor -fundamental brokenness, despair, and hopelessness (aka affliction) that only God can fix ~Beauty ~Religious ceremonies ~the only 3 things where God is really though secretly present Christian virtue and justice 1 1Notes Echoes of Siddhartha: they both feel a need to suffer through things and with other people -they’re always searching for more -we need to listen and stop searching—human effort isn’t going to achieve salvation “ “ Tillich—the way she talks about beauty is the way he talked about symbols and myths Views on conversion Incar...
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