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Practicing how to pray because of the mental focus

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Unformatted text preview: nt Essay 4: Love of the Order of the World What’s the point of attention? Practicing how to pray because of the mental focus The recitation of the name of the Lord really has the power of transforming the soul—pg 117 bottom paragraph Think about the meaning of the title of this book!! -waiting as in serving in a passive way -wait for him to come to you -you have to be receptive to God -her decision not to convert because that would be like her trying to go to God The Book of Job Written in the aftermath of the Babylonian exile between 586 and 515 B.C. Fundamental question in the Book of Job: Is God good or bad? All of Job’s friends keep telling Job that everything God does happens for a reason, and they all trust God’s doings so Job must have committed a sin --God does not punish the righteous Suffering is not random—it is part of God’s plan in some way 2 1Notes The idea that both the good and evil suffer equally: -The question here is the issue of justice and fairness 3...
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