Waiting for God Notes

The only thing that makes compassion and gratitude

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Unformatted text preview: nation: Sacrament Waiting for God Class activity: What is justice? The only thing that makes compassion and gratitude possible. What does justice require? -We have a tendency in the world to not pay attention to the people who are less than us—-we must see what is not evident in the person -Strength, hope, and dignity are hidden in people when they are afflicted -Faith is the evidence of things not seen. In this moment of attention faith is present as much as love What is the religious basis of seeing the weak as not weak? -If we mistreat the weak, then we’re mistreating God Why does justice still show punishment then? -because it is still seeing them as a person with a will; seeing the human dignity in somebody. God is still paying attention to them through punishme...
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