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EDS savage inequalities - Myung 1 Savage Inequalities paper...

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Myung 1 Savage Inequalities paper Jonathan Kozol, the author of the Savage Inequalities , constructs a rather disturbing description of racial and social-class discrimination in American public education. As a teacher at a segregated school in Boston, Kozol himself experienced the lack of classrooms, teachers, heating or air-conditioning, textbooks, and even basic supplies such as toilet paper, pencils, and paper. Feeling obligated to voice the sufferings of those who face like situations, Kozol deeply observes and analyzes the inequalities in schools in segregated areas. The author visits to inner- city schools in Mississippi, Chicago, and New York and in doing so, he successfully writes about this and pushes his readers to consider and even take action against the injustice children at these schools face. In his pursuit of an answer to this social tragedy, Kozol suggests three main causes for the inequalities in education: racial segregation, discriminatory educational board, and the biased distribution of taxes. The high concentration of poor minorities, 98 percent of which are African American, in East St. Louis, Illinois generates a sense of racial segregation and discrimination. St. Louis is separated into two dramatically different worlds—an affluent white area and a poor black region — by a bridge that runs between them. As soon as Kozol enters the East St. Louis, Illinois, he notices the empty streets, piles of garbage, and smokestacks from local chemical plants. Kozol
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EDS savage inequalities - Myung 1 Savage Inequalities paper...

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