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homeless research paper draft - Homeless Mothers The...

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Homeless Mothers The overwhelming demand for welfare assistance over the last decade is not adequately addressed in the United States; neither government-subsidized social agencies nor private charitable and humanitarian efforts can satiate the hemorrhaging population of homeless mothers. Public social programming frequently exhibit inefficient use of resources, poised only for subsistence support which is a form of poverty level enforcement. Contrastingly, private organizations tend to discriminate against the potentially needy applicant, unfortunately blinded by religious bias and theologies from church financings, while the private sector encounters obstacles with comprehensive and/ or consistent funding. The current systems, wherein government funds are used for citizen disbursement, merely ameliorate urgent physical needs without practical prescriptions for economic and social mobility for improvement. Clearly, reform and major overhauls of social programming and welfare assistance are mandated. Recommendation for government intervention to weave both public and private agencies in a collaborative and formulaic effort is non-negotiable. Government's constant and reliable funding to both public and private organizations would enable greater focus on proactive strategies for long term social improvements for these triage crises-homeless mothers with children devoid of stability, comfort, and hope. In "The Wall Street Journal", Howard Husock states that "greater government social service spending was certainly achieved [by the tax payers in America]. In terms of quality, however, it is hard to argue that things have worked out the way reformers intended" (n. pag.). The largesse of the welfare program here in the United States would
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seemingly be armed with sufficient funds to dramatically improve the plight for homeless mothers. Surprisingly, the reverse situation is true; its size defies successful and efficient counseling, aid, educational opportunity, reform, and individual attention. Another
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homeless research paper draft - Homeless Mothers The...

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