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religion and scienc - Religion and Science in modern...

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Religion and Science in modern America The lecture on religion and science in modern American by Dr. Edward Davis was held in Tarbutton, Oxford College on November 29, 2007. Dr. Davis is a scientist who integrated the religion later in his career. He defined modern America to be the era after the 1920’s. The three different groups of people are fundamentalists, modernists, and scientific creation believers. The fundamentalists are the protestant Christians who oppose teaching evolution concepts in public schools. The modernists’ beliefs became popular and well-known through the pamphlets. Dr. Davis showed a picture of two men – a historian and populist William J. Bryan. Bryan, a protestant fundamentalist Christian, is a liberal and democrat. He opposed to evolutions in public schools for two reasons. Mainly, Bryan was influenced by a book called “Leading American Biologist”. He was affected by the World War 1 where Germany military was justified by Darwin social ideology. After the world war two, Bryan got popular with cartoons by E.J Pace. Bryan designed the cartoon first and
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religion and scienc - Religion and Science in modern...

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