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Unformatted text preview: Overhead: PBE = TE÷ Q = $2.44 Conclusion: Price could fall from $2.60 to $2.44 Enterprise #1 Calculating Breakeven Quantity…. QBE = TE÷ P Overhead: Enterprise #1 Calculating Breakeven Quantity…. Overhead: QBE = TE÷ P = 79.8 Conclusion: Yield could fall from 85 to 79.8 Enterprise Performance Statistics: Enterprise 1. Breakeven analysis 2. Rate of return on investment (expenses) per unit for ith product: ROIi = profiti ÷ (VEi + FEi) 3. Efficiency as measured by the variable expense ratio: VERi = VEi ÷ REVi 4. Profitability as measured by ratio of share of profit relative to share of productive assets required: SPRi = {profiti ÷ Σprofiti} ÷ {Ai ÷ ΣAi} Contribution Analysis Contribution...
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