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Ltd 1 needs of computing programs based on modeling 14

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Unformatted text preview: lated results based on measured data in plant KOLON E&C CO.,LTD 1. Needs of computing programs based on modeling 1.4. Effects 1 optimized operation in WWTP • optimizing operational factors (e.g. SRT, air supply rate, sludge return rate) • making the operation manure suitable for Efflent Level summer winter optimal conditions various environmental conditions Operation Conditions (SRT, HRT etc.) [ decision of optimal operation condition using modeling ] 2 predictive operation in WWTP • influent, external conditions of wastewater treatment process are changed frequently. • The process can be simulated directly for various conditions using computing program. • Predictions of particular effect factors can be possible. KOLON E&C CO.,LTD 2. Introduction of BioWin 2.1. Summary Developer : EnvrioSim Ltd. (Canada) Simulation tool for designing and analyzing WWTP (software) IAWPRC model No.1 (for activated sludge treatment) → addition of biological phosphorus removal KOLON E&C CO.,LTD IWAQ ASM No. 1 (1) 13 components 13 components Microorganisms (X , X ) BH BA Carbonaceous compounds (S , S , X , X , X ) compounds (S I S I S P Nitrogenous compounds (S , S , S , X ) NO Auxiliary states (S , S states (S O ALK NH ND ND ) 8 reactions Oxidation of organic carbon, Nitrification, Denitrification, etc. Basic structure (mass balance) dC i Qin C i ,in − Qout C i = + ri dt V KOLON E&C CO.,LTD IWAQ ASM No. 1 (2) Particulate biodegradable organic organic nitrogen X ND aerobic hydrolysis anoxic hydrolysis de SS SI aerobic growth h Readily biodegradable substrate Heterotrophic bacteria S ND ammonification aerobic growth X B,H anoxic growth at at h de Soluble inert organic matter Soluble biodegradable organic nitrogen anoxic growth S NH S NO h aerobic hydrolysis NH4+ + NH3 nitrogen h XI Particulate inert organic matter XS at de Nitrate + nitrite nitrogen at de de at h anoxic hydrolysis X B, A aerobic growth nitrification a n ,o gro xic w th Autotrophic bacteria XP Slowly biodegradable substrate Particulate products from biomass decay...
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