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Unformatted text preview: Analysis, Springer – n=2 – Total Cost = =160000x2+88250 =408250 245 415 HW • Problem 3.6 in p.86 • By next class Term Project • Team – Either 1 or 2 members in each team – Number of member will be included in the evaluation • Twice of work for 2 member team for same point as a single member team – Report your team by next class Term Project • Topic – Anything related to logistics or transportation optimization – Examples • Optimization process from a journal paper applied to a new dataset with additional analysis • Principles of the text book applied to a real-world dataset or networks • Principles or theories from other areas applied to logistics or transportation problems • Principles or theories in the class applied to other problems Term Project • Some good sources – References in the text book – Books from library related to • Inventory • Vehicle Routing Problem or Traveling Salesman Problem • Location Problems – OR journals • Operations Research, Managem...
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