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Pick any vertex as a starting vertex set call it s

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Unformatted text preview: it into E0 Find the cheapest edge in E \E0 that doesn't close a cycle with those already chosen in E0. Include it into E0. Repeat Step 2 until you reach out to every vertex of the graph (or |E0| = n –1). Minimum Spanning Tree • Prim's Algorithm 1. Pick any vertex as a starting vertex set. (Call it S). Let E0 = Φ. 2. Find the nearest neighboring vertices k∈S and p∈ N S, such that c(p,k) = min{c(i,j), i∈S, j∈ N S}. Let S←S ∪ {p}, E ← E ∪ {(p,k)}. 3. Repeat Step 2 until all vertices are in S, e.g. |S| = n. 0 0 Minimum Spanning Tree • Euler Tour – An Euler tour in an undirected graph G is a cycle using every edge exactly once. – An Euler tour in a directed graph G is a directed cycle which includes every arc exactly once. – Example • Can one find out whether or not it is possible to cross each bridge exactly once? • A connected undirected graph has an Euler tour if and only if the degree of every vertex is even. • A weakly connected directed graph has an Euler tour if and only if for any vertex v, indeg(v) = outdeg(v). Source...
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