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Gamma Contrast Index Lab - M&P Workshop Contrast, Contrast...

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( p 102-106) Name Nicole Formisano Section 4 Lab Partners Dina Yang Objective : To Lean to: 1. Measure gamma, contrast index, and density range from film characteristic curve 2. Relate density ranges to paper contrast grades 3. Compute arithmetic an logarithmic film speeds 4. Judge the effects of varying development on gamma, contrast index, density range and film speed of a given film material Required: 1. Family of film characteristic curves. 2. Straight ruler, calculator, colored pencils and compass Part I – Determining Gamma Gamma is the slope of the straight-line part of a characteristic curve. It is an indicator about the contrast of a photographic material. The gamma can be determined by dividing the difference in density by the difference in log exposure for any two points on the straight line. Γαμμα γ = ∆∆ λογΗ Determine the Gamma for each of the three film curves and record in Table 1. Part II - Determining Contrast Index and Density Range Contrast index is the slope of a straight line that connects two specified points on the characteristic curve. These points represent the lowest and highest useful densities in a normal negative. The first point is located on
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Gamma Contrast Index Lab - M&P Workshop Contrast, Contrast...

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