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BADM 310 Practice Exam #3 Page 1 of 12 BA310 Practice Exam 3 [ These questions are generally similar to those you are likely to see on the exam, with one exception. That is, the practice exam has almost no movie clip or Cango questions. Movie clip and Cango questions will appear on the regular exam, as they did on previous exams. Also, do not expect the selection of question topics on the regular exam to be exactly like the practice exam. Some topics that appear on the practice exam will not appear on the regular exam, and vice versa. Please use the study guide as the best guide to potential question topics. There is an answer key at the end of this document. ] Questions: 1. Which of the following is a important advantage of a multinational organization and ethnocentric orientation in global competition: a. Extensive knowledge of foreign markets and workplace b. Balanced local and global objectives c. Greater economy of scale and efficiency d. More support from host governments 2. Based on the Global Management video, which of the following represents a management challenge for companies that go global? a. Integrating different national units. b. Overcoming communication problems between home and host country personnel. c. Managing differences in political and legal environments of different national units. d. All of the above 3. You have recently been on special assignment to India. At a dinner with workers from the Indian branch, you talk about how grateful you are for the extra income for this assignment, as it gives you the chance at a more luxurious lifestyle. Your Indian coworkers blush and look embarrassed. You were later informed that your dinner companions believed you were too assertive and seemed to focus too much on money. This indicates India may be low on __________. a. Quantity of Life b. Quality of Life c. Power Distance d. Individualism 1
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BADM 310 Practice Exam #3 Page 2 of 12 4. Media Works, a large advertising firm makes a decision to go global. The top management team believes that the best way to go global would be to hire local managers in each country and let them handle the clients in that country because they have better knowledge about the local market. However, a consulting firm that they hired recommends staffing each client team with the best people regardless of their country office. Top management’s view is consistent with a ______________________ attitude whereas the consulting firm’s view is consistent with a ___________________ attitude. a. Geocentric/ polycentric b. Polycentric/ geocentric c. Ethnocentric/polycentric d. Polycentric/ethnocentric 5. Chris’ firm has an opportunity to form joint ventures with both Japanese and Taiwanese firms. Chris investigates both cultures and finds that the Japanese have a greater expectation that people are masters of their own destiny, as compared to the Taiwanese. Based on our class discussion of the Hofstede model, we suggests that the Japanese have a _______ level of _________ than the Taiwanese. a. higher/ individualism.
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BA310%20Practice%20Exam%203%20F2007 - BADM 310 Practice...

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