Igneous Structures and Field Relations-CH4

M generated an eruption column and sent a series of

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Unformatted text preview: surges across volcano's broad icecovered summit. formed when flow meets heavy rain, ice melt, rivers extremely dangerous Río Lagunillas, former location of Armero. Within 4 hours of beginning of eruption, lahars had traveled 100 km: more than 23,000 people killed, about 5,000 injured, and more than 5,000 homes destroyed . Images: USGS volcanoes hazards site: http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/Hazards/What/Lahars/RuizLahars.html 35 Pyroclastic deposits – types of lithified rocks i. volcanic tuff - rock composed of pyroclastic fragments and ash a. welded tuff - fragments melt together on deposition Image source: Hamblin and Christiansen (2001) b. ash flow tuff - tuffs from ash flowing across surface c. air fall tuff - tuff from ash settling from atmosphere Piton del Teide (Canary Islands) - thick pumice layers (white in this image) interbedded with more locally-derived dark basaltic ash. image -Volcano World site: http://volcano.und.nodak.edu/vwdocs/volc_images/africa/piton_teide2.html] 36 12 8/27/2012 Pyroclastic deposits – types of lithified rocks ii. Volcanic Breccia Volcanic breccia (view is 0.3 m) [image source: Press and Siever, 2001] Volcanic breccia. Notice angular rock fragments consisting of flow-banded rhyolite. image source: http://www.maine.gov/doc/nrimc/mgs/explore/bedrock/site s/mar98-2.htm 37 Intrusive (plutonic) processes and bodies difficult to observe crystallizing intrusive body but infer shape and size 1. Tabular intrusive bodies Sill - tab intrusive that are concordant (along bedding plane) image source: Winter (2010) 38 Intrusive (plutonic) processes and bodies Dike - tab intrusive discordant Sills Salsbury Crags, Teschenite Sill (Edinburgh) Dolerite sill from Ross Sea, Antarctica Image source: www.rosssea.info/geology.html Sill from Big Bend, Texas 39 13 8/27/2012 Intrusive (plutonic) processes and bodies dike - tabular intrusive that is discordant i.e. cut across bedding/layering of country rock Dike cutting shales in the lower Grand Canyon Radial dike around volcanic neck at Spanish Peaks, CO Types of dikes cutting stratal features: (a) simple dilation and injection of magma (b) no dilation, but replacing or stoping. image source: Winter (2010) 40 Intrusive (plutonic) processes and bodies Veins - de...
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