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5 Pillars -Creed -Prayer -Giving Alms -Fasting -Pilgrimage Religious Sects Iran is dominantly Shia Iraq 60% Shia – 35% Sunni Caliph - leader of Sunni (elected) Sheik - old person, tribal leader Imam - priest/minster that leads Shia church Sayid - a person related to prophets Jihad - Holy war with internal and external -internal- greater strive for perfection -External- lesser, you are persecuted / attacked must protect self
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Unformatted text preview: -Islam,submission, is religion of peace and respect -Founded by Mohammed -Sunni and Shia religious groups while Kurds and Arabs are ethnic 12 Imams-Led to two groups being developed on difference of opinion -Medhi Sharia Law-the way Islamic law is run-based on the Quran...
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