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ch 14 notes - ½ R ½ r ½ R RR 1/4 Rr 1/4 ½ r rR 1/4 rr...

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Probability Describes the chance a particular event will happen. - ranges from 0 to 1. o 0 = no change o 1 = 100% change the number of events that can produce a specific outcome / total number of possible outcomes. Punnett square YR yr YR YYRR YyRr yr YyRr yyrr YR Yr yR yr YR YYRR YYRr YyRR YyRr Yr YYrr YYrr YyRr Yyrr yR YyRR YyRr yyRR yyRy yr YyRr Yyrr yyRr yyrr ½ R ½ r ½ R RR 1/4 Rr 1/4 ½ r
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Unformatted text preview: ½ R ½ r ½ R RR 1/4 Rr 1/4 ½ r rR 1/4 rr 1/4 Test cross Dihybrid crosses-following the inheritance of two different traits-E.g., seed color (yellow or green)-Seed shape (round or wrinkled) Mendel’s law of independent -the two pairs of alleles for different traits segregate...
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