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Chem 112 – 002 Guided Study Assignment – Jan 9, 2008 2. Read Chapter 11 3. Hypothetical Question: You just got engaged. Your future in-laws have thrown a cocktail party at which the engagement will be announced. At the party your future father-in-law is engaging you in polite conversation. He asks, “You’re taking chemistry, right?” You reply, “Why yes, I am.” After procuring a cocktail napkin and a pen, he writes the following down: Compound Molar Mass (g) Boiling Point (BP) 0 C A 130 10 B 129 50 C 132 100 D 128 500 “Can you explain to me what is different about compounds A, B, C, and D that cause the BPs of the compounds to differ to such an extent?”, he asks. Suddenly, all around you, the conversation stops and everyone turns to hear what you will say. Wanting to make a good impression, you reply … Our view of liquids is that the particles of the liquid (atom, molecules or ions) are moving around and the average kinetic energy of the particles depends on the temperature. No matter what the liquid, the average KE of the particles is the same at
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