The concept of symbolic identity identity

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Unformatted text preview: ress it. This happens both directly and indirectly. We refer to social ‘labels’ to help others understand us. The Concept of ‘Symbolic’ Identity Identity Identity comes from what we do as well as what we say; therefore, identity is symbolic. Our identity relies on a ‘bank’ of shared meaning, experiences, and interactions. Mead’s idea of ‘attitude of reflection’; symbolic interactionism The Concept of ‘Transacted’ Identity ‘Transacted’ We transact, or make up, our identity with two principles in mind: 1. We are influenced by our society’s beliefs and norms 2. Society holds us accountable for our identity (through others’ responses) ‘Performing’ Your Identity We present our self to save face/gain positive face Poor performance (not meeting expectations, not being accountable) results in embarrassment We allow deviations depending on relationships Forms of the Self Forms...
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