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WR100 Writing on Art Charles Baudelaire, “The Painter of Modern Life”: Guiding Questions *Baudelaire: Major French poet and theorist of the mid-to-late 19 th century, best known for a collection of poems entitled Flowers of Evil that created much controversy due to Baudelaire’s depictions of lust, violence, and gritty urban life. Baudelaire wrote several essays on art during his career, in which he encouraged artists to depict scenes from even the most unsavory aspects of modern urban existence. *Constantin Guys: French illustrator and painter, a contemporary of Baudelaire’s. Baudelaire admired Guys’s work for its honest depiction of modern life, particularly his sketches and paintings of middle- and lower-class women and prostitutes. (Although we will discuss works of art in class, please do a brief Google search on the names of artists or works of art mentioned at length in any readings.) *flâneur: French term, often translated as “dandy,” denoting an individual who detachedly observes his urban surroundings. *Jacques-Louis David: French painter of the late 18
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