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Vocabulary “Going to Meet the Man” Wretchedly - feeling very unhappy or ill Peculiar - unusual, strange, or unconventional Tranquil - free of any disturbance or commotion Articulate - able to express thoughts, ideas, and feelings coherently Sputtered - to make a popping, spitting sound Deliberate - carefully thought out and done intentionally Unmanned - not having any personnel, especially not having a pilot or crew Embarrass - to become or cause somebody to become painfully self-conscious, ashamed, humiliated, or ill at ease Saunter - to walk at an easy unhurried pace Delinquency - antisocial or illegal behavior or acts, especially by young people “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”
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Unformatted text preview: Seizing- a knot or lashing made using thin rope or wire Stucco- plaster used for surfacing interior or exterior walls Disposition- somebody’s usual mood or temperament Muttered- to speak or say something quietly and indistinctly Embossed- to decorate or make a surface with a slightly raised design or lettering “The Magic Barrel” Tormented- to inflict torture, pain, or anguish on somebody or something Comparatively- in comparison to something else Acquaint- to make somebody, or yourself, aware of or familiar with something Intently- something planned or the purpose that accompanies a plan Enamored- to inspire somebody with love or passion...
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