lecture11 - 11 Civil War 13:27:00 ← I Slave power...

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Unformatted text preview: 11. Civil War 28/02/2008 13:27:00 ← I. Slave power conspiracy • 1. Kansas-Nebraska Act, 1854 o Has to do with westward expansion How to turn territories into states o Issue of infrastructure railroads Where should railroad that links east coast to west coast (Transcontinental) run through the north or south (of MO compromise line) If railroad goes through Northern, free territories, they will settle faster (more free states) same with South Northerners want Transcontinental to run through Chicago (WIN) Southerners want Transcontinental to run through St. Louis Steven Douglas, Democratic Senator of IL comes up with Kansas- Nebraska Act (naturally, he wants railroad to run through Chicago) K-N act: Abolishes Missouri compromise line by replacing the geographical limit that was established with popular sovereignty (states determine whether they are free/slave states) aka states rights • Establishes Kansas and Nebraska (free, determined by popular sovereignty) • Changes and transforms the 2-party system (Wigs are gone, creates a power vacuum republican party steps in) *Republicans are anti-slavery • 2. Bleeding Kansas, 1855 o When people of Kansas vote on whether or not to be free/slave o Only 1,500 qualified voters, however 6,000 people voted People would travel from Missouri (slave state) to vote in Kansas for it to be a slave state 1,500 qualified voters who live in KS wanted it to be free President (Pierce, democrat) accepts vote as legitimate Successor President (Buchanan) accepts vote as illegitimate Example of slave power conspiracy No popular sovereignty (Gov. decided slave) • 3. Dred Scott, 1857 o...
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lecture11 - 11 Civil War 13:27:00 ← I Slave power...

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