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Essay 1 The impact of demographics and culture on the status of Afro Americans, Native Americans and white women: Afro Americans: The colonies needed more labor because they were starving to death. Many of them were also unskilled at providing for themselves since there were so many businessmen and few farmers that came to the colonies. John Rolfe introduced tobacco in 1617 and this created an even larger need for labor. At first indentured servants were sufficient, but soon, people became interested in turning a profit for their crops. Through the triangular trade, thousands of slaves were brought over. It is important to remember that slavery does not start because of racism, racism comes from slavery. Slavery evolves because of money, demographic and labor shifts. Slaves became investments and were a form of free labor. If a slave died, you lost money so they were something of value. Slaves were also better than indentured servants because they never actually had any expectations of freedom, they were more immune to disease, and they did not know the land. Incident: 1640- 2 whites and 1 black ran away and were caught. The whites had to serve one extra year and the black was a slave for life. This is an example of the status of a black person of this time. People also thought that it was ok to enslave blacks because they were not Christians. They were already slaves to sin since they were not Christians and were going to hell anyway. It was ok to have them as slaves because they were slaves in a symbolic sense and slaves in a literal sense. States begin to impose slave codes. Once this happens, any status that a slave had once had was gone because they were thought of as property. They had to be supervised by whites in groups in order to prevent rebellion. It was also illegal for slaves to read and write.
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Essay 1 - Essay 1 The impact of demographics and culture on...

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