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Lesley Lueke Exam 1 Supplement True/False 1.F 2. F. 3.T 4. F 5. . F 7. F 8.F 9. T 11.T 13.F Short answer 1. 3 Core features of a state: a. Territory, people, sovereignty 2. Name the 4 stages of state formation a. State formation, nation building, mass democracies, and welfare states 4. Name two countries with unicameral legislatures and two with bicameralism. a. unicameral- Denmark and Finland B. Bicameral- Canada and France 8. What country has a collective presidency? Bosnia Matching 1. E 2. H 3. F 4. I 5. B 6. A 7. C 8. G 9. D 10. J ID 1. Sovereignty- A country or region's power and ability to rule itself and manage its own affairs
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Lesley Lueke 2. NGO’s- Non-Governmental Organization- it is a non-profit making, non-violent private organization that is independent of the government and seeks to influence or control government policy without actually seeking government office. The OSHA is an example 3. Subsidiary- the principle that decisions should be taken at the lowest possible level of government. Usually the term subsidiary is used in connection with the territorial decentralization of government, but it is not limited to this form. 4. Unicarmeralism-Unicameralism is the practice of having only one legislative or parliamentary chamber. Many countries with unicameral legislatures are often small and homogeneous unitary states and consider an upper house or second chamber unnecessary. Cuba and China are unicameral 5. Unitary States-France is an example of a unitary state. In a unitary state, the central government is clearly accounted for and a single center of power permits coordinates and devises state action. It can help national integration by focusing on national politics and facilitates the equalization of equal resources 6. Semi-Presidential system- Finland and France have this type of government.
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Exam 1 Supplement - Lesley Lueke Exam 1 Supplement...

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