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Between the lower and upper bowls with 26 suites

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Unformatted text preview: ith 26 suites upper Four party suites Two clubs reserved for the school Two president and athletics director president Addition of two more rows behind lower Addition bowl bowl Seating Renovations Offset the loss of 2,000 seats in the Offset upper upper deck Rebuilding the concourse with new Rebuilding chairback chairback seats Could add 1,000 more standing-room Could spaces upstairs to supplement the eRUPPtion eRUPPtion Zone Other Proposed Renovations Eight sided scoreboard over the court Enlarged concourse Additional restrooms New lobby entrances Inside Rupp Arena Enlarged Concourse Unique Design Strip away industrial siding “Metal cube” look Add a translucent skin “Freeing Rupp” Additional screening area Allows up to 10,000 fans to view “Cat Walk” connecting campus to arena Outside Rupp Arena Financial Support and Timeline $250-$300 million transformation of $250-$300 Lexington Center Lexington Mix of local, state, and private funding Finance committee has identified 14 Finance potential funding sourc...
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  • Spring '12
  • AaronZipp
  • Lexington, Kentucky, Adolph Rupp, Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball, Rupp Arena, Kentucky Wildcats, Rupp Arena Renovation

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