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Daniel Zimmerman April 2 nd , 2008 Mrs. Parker Geo 111-01 Costa Rica: A Demilitarized State A Brief Description Since December the 1 st 1948 Costa Rica has been a military Free State. Central America has been an area of political unrest ever since the United Provinces of Central America proclaimed their Independence from Spain in 1838. The Union that held the Central American States together quickly unraveled at the seams and Cost Rica announced their independence about thirteen years later. Nicaragua and Costa Rica have never had close relations with each other until the rise of certain political powers. In 1936 Nicaragua fell to the power of Dictator Anastasio Somoza García (Haven 2002–2007) making the Country a communist dictatorship. Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia was the military dictator of Costa Rica and strengthened ties between the two countries. Calderón’s successor Teodoro Picado made the friendship even closer. However with World War Two escalating and Germany and the rest of Europe being Costa Rica’s biggest and most important buyer of exports, the trade embargo placed upon Germany by the United States left Costa Rica in a time of unease. Along with German U-Boats patrolling and sinking most ships in the Atlantic Ocean Costa Rica could
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not export to Europe. Yet the United States like always wants to promote Democracy and keep communism out of the world. So the United States began to import roughly about fifty percent of Costa Rica’s Exports in exchange for military aid, and training of Costa Rica’s oppressive military force, and of course money. Teodoro Picado and his oppressive regime made the election of 1948 null and void after Otilio Ulate Blanco won the presidency, the last stand for the people of Costa Rica. So José Figueres Ferrer sought help from The Caribbean Legion. An organization formed
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Costa Rica - Daniel Zimmerman April 2nd 2008 Mrs Parker Geo...

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