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Daniel Zimmerman Eng-112-03 Knight 2/08/2007 A Bilingual Society Ariel Dorfman’s essay expresses an idea and dream by an expanding number of Americans in today’s society. America does not have a set language; English is only spoken as a majority because the first settlers that came to America were from England. Yet in modern America there are more and more Hispanics entering the country every day. Is it right to deny them there heritage and drown them in a language that is not mandatory? I grew up in Southern Florida where it is mandatory for English speaking students to begin to learn Spanish at an early age. This has helped me gain a significant number of good friends that were unable to speak English fluently. Dorfman argues that this country should start leaning towards a bilingual culture rather that one that is monolingual. He says that both can methods of learning a new language can work(5) the bilingual approach, and complete immersion . However the immersion method creates problems for people trying to learn another language. It s very forceful method, and some
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Knight Paper 1 - Daniel Zimmerman Eng-112-03 Knight...

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