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anthro in the news 1 - Jimmy Belanger March 17, 2008...

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Jimmy Belanger March 17, 2008 Anthropology 1100 Anthropology in the News! The Grim Story of Maya Blue After going through New York Times online, and searching for anthropology articles I came across a wide variety of editorials to read. I didn’t realize how much the news portrayed anthropology, and how interesting a lot of the articles are. Taking an anthropology course had really opened my eyes to appreciate everything anthropologists have done for our society. The article from the New York Times that I read was, “The Grim Story of Maya Blue.” I thought it was really fascinating how the color Maya blue could have so much more meaning to it, rather than just a name on a Crayola crayon. I thought it was interesting that Maya blue was the color of Chaak, the rain God. I have always wondered what different colors represent in dissimilar societies. Crazy to think that some people think of blue as just another color, and to others it is very important in their lives. In the article it says “When the skies looked to much like Maya blue… an
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anthro in the news 1 - Jimmy Belanger March 17, 2008...

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