22 Quiz Review

22 Quiz Review - symphony? Late 1920s experimental...

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Film History : Chapter 6 What were the Kuleshov experiments? What techniques were involved in Soviet montage? Why was it successful? Why did Dziga Vertov dislike fiction filmmaking? What caused the end of the montage movement? Film History : Chapter 8 What were the advantages of the Film Europe approach? Why did the Film Europe approach fall apart? What was the artistic result of the Film Europe approach? What are the antecedents to current “art cinema” institutions and how did they  come about? What is dada? Surrealism? Cinema Pur? Abstract animation? The city 
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Unformatted text preview: symphony? Late 1920s experimental narrative? What is one example of each? What were the three main tendencies of 1920s documentaries? Whats significant about them? Film History : Chapter 14 What factors lead to the spread of political cinema? Suggested Readings What are the virtues and limitations of montage, according to Andre Bazin? What are some of the main points of Paddy Scannells article, Public Service Broadcasting: The History of a Concept....
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22 Quiz Review - symphony? Late 1920s experimental...

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