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HISTORY OF MEDIA ARTS I QUIZ #6 REVIEW PART I – MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The film industry expanded in the late 1920’s because of A. Vertical integration B. Horizontal integration C. Blind and block booking D. Talent poaching E. Quota quickies 2. Although its production wing never became profitable, the First National Exhibitors’ Circuit still impacted the Hollywood industry in that A. It persuaded other firms to integrate vertically B. It persuaded other firms to integrate horizontally C. It was an attempt to challenge the major Hollywood firms D. A and C E. None of the above 3. The concept of blind and block booking benefited Hollywood because A. The biggest firms cooperated among themselves B. The movie business developed into a mature oligopoly during the 1920’s C. A theater could deal with more than one firm D. B and C E. All of the above 4. Picture palaces brought in larger audiences because A. They provided both entertainment and sleeping accommodations B. They were imitations of legitimate theaters, often implementing ornamentation based on Italian baroque and rococo styles C. Some of them also provided a lengthy film program in addition to the feature D. They arranged for musical accompaniment for silent films E. B, C, and D 5. The Big Three and the Little Five were distinguished through A. The number of theater chains they controlled B. The number of hotels they owned C. The number of people their theaters were able to attract D. All of the above E. None of the above
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6. The series of Hollywood scandals eventually led to A. The Blacklisting of actors, producers, and directors B. The collapse of the major motion picture companies C. The imposition of fines for obscene materials in movies D. The rise of the Motion Picture Producers of America and increased calls for censorship E. None of the above 7. The Don’ts and Be Carefuls list introduced by the MPPA include all of the following provisions EXCEPT A. Ridicule of the clergy B. The use of the flag C. Attitude toward public characters and institutions D. Miscegenation E. Cruelty toward animals 8. Hays’s main strategy was to A. Shut down the film industry B. Pressure the producers to eliminate the offensive content of their films
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