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HISTORY OF MEDIA ARTS I QUIZ #9 REVIEW PART I – MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. According to the Thomas Schatz article, what is “the equation of pictures”? A. Without classical Hollywood, “the genius of the system” would be nonexistent B. Actor + Director + Producer = Picture C. Different forces of production, such as camera work, cutting, plot structure, and thematics, that were held in equilibrium by the studio system D. Without actors, a movie cannot be made; the equation of pictures is destroyed E. All of the above 2. In 1940, Disney released Fantasia , which in turn, introduced A. Synchronous sound B. Wild sound C. Fantasound D. Diagetic sound E. None of the above 3. Citizen Kane (1941) is notable for all of the following reasons EXCEPT A. Its creative experiments with sound B. Its numerous and complex flashbacks C. Its lack of montage D. Its deep-focus compositions E. Its dramatic low key lighting 4. The “peak” of film noir was represented in what film? A. The Big Sleep B. Double Indemnity C. The Maltese Falcon D. Casablanca E. Psycho 5. Characteristics of Italian neo-realism include all of the following EXCEPT A. On-location cinematography B. Grainy low-grade black-and-white film stock C. Trained actors in improvised scenes D. It was marked by gritty, authentic, and realistic post-war film style E. Films such as Open City , which capture the confusion and despair of post- World War II Europe
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6. What Supreme Court anti-trust case ruled that the major movie studios were guilty and had to end their monopolization of the industry? A. RKO Decree B. Universal Decree C. MGM Decree D. Paramount Decree E. Warner Brothers Decree 7. Why did The Rules of the Game have a disastrous first run? A. It accurately represented France on the eve of war B. Audiences were upset that Andre, who represented a French hero, was shot at the end of the film because it represented the end of French heroism C. It was a radical revision of modern art D. B and C E. All of the above 8. David Kociemba’s “Idealist Work of Art” can BEST be defined as A. A unique term that describes a widely-used approach in which central
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