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Television Review - Listening In: Radio and the American...

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Listening In: Radio and the American Imagination Susan Douglas Chapter 5: Radio Comedy and Linguistic Slapstick -Radio provided “verbal agility” to the mass audiences -The art of diction: proper English (BBC standards of pronunciation) vs. comedic, mangled English ( The Amos ‘N’ Andy Show ); broken rules of speech could create a lot of laughs -American networks adopted pronunciation standards -The art of jokes (and later, the art of the setup and the comeback) -Linguistic slapstick an “exaggeration” of Vaudeville - The Amos ‘N’ Andy Show : success and controversy -Male comics vs. female comics (example: George Burns and Gracie Allen) -The Benny/Allen feud; how did it fuel the success of both programs? How was the program we heard in class indicative of true radio comedy? -The importance of the sponsor: integrating advertising and teasing the sponsor (what were the effects of making jokes at the sponsor’s expense?) Chapter 6: The Invention of the Audience -Lazarsfeld and market research -“The object of this scrutiny—the audience—was itself an invention, a construction that corralled a nation of individual listeners into a sometimes monolithic group that somehow knew what ‘it’ wanted from broadcasting” (131). - The Psychology of Radio : radio was a cultural and sensory phenomenon -Cantril and Allport: radio’s effects on the ear and on public discourse -Listeners were more comfortable listening to radio in the privacy of their own homes
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Television Review - Listening In: Radio and the American...

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